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Jennafer Lynsey is a Pop music singer/songwriter originating from Buffalo, NY. She knew she had a connection with music from a young age. Starting from singing songs in the car, performing concerts in her own home, to writings songs when she became aware she didn’t quite fit in with her classmates. Pursuing music came naturally for her as she started making her way to Nashville only at the age of seventeen. There she began writing with hit music songwriters, working with performance coaches, vocal coaches, management companies, all the way to performing in front of crowds of ten thousand people. Coming to Lynsey now at the age of twenty one, she feels she has finally found her sound. “I feel like I actually figured out how to write through a direct line straight from my heart. I was so afraid to feel for the longest time and I’m not anymore. I’m so incredibly excited to share this new music with everyone.”

Releasing her new single, “Rebound,” August 23rd is going to be huge. “Rebound” is a pop music track consumed by the rollercoaster of emotions you get after a relationship ends. Its lyrics discuss the “drought” period you go through with the ability to hear the desperation in Jennafer Lynsey’s voice and production as she’s trying to fill the void that never seems to be able to be filled. It’s a vulnerability everyone can relate to.

You can check out, “Rebound” on iTunes, Spotify, and among other streaming sites. Don’t forget to follow Jennafer Lynsey on Instagram and Facebook for more on her new single, and to see her on another personal level. Jennafer leaves off by saying, “Thank you guys so much for listening and thank you for your support. You all mean the world to me. This song is for you. Love you!”