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Jennafer Lynsey is a pop/country music singer and songwriter originating from Buffalo, NY. She knew she had a connection with music from a young age. It started from singing songs in the car, performing at her fifth grade talent show, to just writings songs when she became aware she didn’t quite fit in with her classmates. Pursuing music came naturally for her as she started making her way to Nashville only at the age of seventeen. There, she began writing with hit music songwriters, working with performance coaches, vocal coaches, management companies, all the way to performing in front of crowds of over ten thousand people. Right now Lynsey stands at 23 years old with her latest single, “Rebound,” hitting over 147,000 streams and a new EP with almost 365,000 streams. Holding power in the social media realm with almost 23,000 followers on instagram, she’s working to inspire others to love themselves, to be their best friend when they need it, and to brighten people’s days with her music.

With her new single, “Click,” just dropping, Lynsey describes it by saying, “there are certain relationships where you meet someone and it feels like you’ve known each other for years. There’s that instant connection, the immediate liking for someone. You just know this relationship is going to last through your entire lifetime.” Don’t forget to follow Lynsey on Instagram and Facebook for more on her new single, “Click,” and to see her on another personal level.

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